Self Improvement In My Life

Sunday, February 20, 2011

^ Short Story About Self- Improvement^

          When i was young, i like to eat snack and lack of exercise. As time has grow, my body grow also. My mum always advice me to eat healthy snack but i refuse to eat. When time has past, my body line has also grow bigger and bigger. 
          At the age 16, i had entered in a new class. Then only i realized people are slim in their body line. All of them are slim, except me. I'm been giving a big name called ' Big Show", its mean i am in big size. Since i entered this class, i been ignored by all the classmates. No people wants to be my friend. 
          Therefore, i had make a decision to keep fit. I had throw away all my favorite food. My mum was feel weird why i throw away my snacks. I find a way to keep fit which is jogging. This is the only i think i work fast. In the first day, i start my plan at park. I planned to run for 20 minutes. After i started for a few minutes, i feel like i want to die. It was so suffer and i wondering why i want to suffer here. I can stay in an air-condition room and watched movie with my favorite snack as well.
          Besides that, along the road, i can see the kids were eating with their yummy ice-cream, juices and so forth. Its made me feel more suffer and want to give up. But when i think back the body line in front of my minor, it was so ugly and disgusting. I don't want that body line, i want a brand new body line.
         I insist to finish this 20 minutes. Finally, i had finish it. I feel so happy. To prevent getting fatter, i had change my meal into healthy meal and exercise it everyday. Now, after i finish my jogging, i din't feel exhausted and fragile at all. I had built my stamina. After a few months, i had loss my weight and my body line become so slim. I am so happy and proud of myself. Self0 improvement is important to me because without this, my body line wont become so slim and healthy. I might became more fat. 

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